Why it is Important to Register Your Preferred Domain Names

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The registration of your preferred domain names is possible through the right registration service; in fact, you have a wealth of options for registering domain names. For instance, you may make a singular purchase or choose to participate in bulk name registration. If you require these services it’s good to review the all the offerings of the domain registrar to determine which package best meets your needs.


Why Domain Name Registration is Critical

By using a domain name registration service, you become the legal owner of any domain name you buy. After the domain is registered, you are the only individual allowed to use these names and produce websites to host within the domain. Any violation of these rights is punishable through federal laws.


However, you are the owner of only the domains you purchase. For instance, if you purchase a domain name and choose only to purchase this name with the “.com” extension you are not automatically entitled to use the same domain name with a “.net” extension. You are required to purchase both variations of the domain name to use them legally. Any extensions of your chosen domain name that you do not register are fair game to other consumers.


The Little Extras

If you choose bulk name registration, you may acquire your preferred domain names all at one time. Services that provide this option allow you to select multiple names once availability has been established. The process saves a significant amount of time and ensures that you acquire legal ownership before another consumer can buy them. In addition, you are not charged any hidden fees for bulk registration and will acquire these domains at the same price as you would if you made singular purchases.


Shared Hosting Services

If you require web hosting services for your domain, you should review available packages associated with your preferred registration service. For instance, some domain registration services may offer free domain names with the purchase of web hosting services or vice versa. These packages provide you with a wealth of tools that will enable you to create effective website designs for your selected domain names.


For instance, if you choose shared hosting services, you are assigned an administrator who will maintain your website and ensure availability at all times. Some website hosting services provide you with web templates to ensure that you create a professional-looking website for your chosen domains. This is highly beneficial if you wish to set up a website for a business on through your purchased domain.



If you wish to become the owner of any given domain names, you need to officially register these names through domain registration services. In most cases, you will receive ownership of all purchased names for up to a three year period. Through your preferred registration service you may renew any of your domain names before the expiration date. You may additionally receive helpful benefits for your domain names such as website hosting. To learn more, visit the website for you preferred domain registration service.

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