Website for Your Business. Do You Need a Research?

create a websiteIf you decided to get a website for your business, congratulations! You absolutely need it.

The next step though is to do a research. This is probably the most important step in moving your business online or creating an online presence, although ignored or forgotten by many.


Here are the most important questions to ask yourself:

What exactly am I selling?

Sometimes it is very difficult to create your unique value proposition (USP or UVP) for the market place. That has been our experience so far with almost all our clients. So define well what your product or service is.


Define your audience: who are your clients?

What is the age, gender, interests and needs of the individual who will be visiting your website? What are they looking for? What other information would be needed in order to provide what they are looking for. This will define the architecture of the website, its functionality and the content.

What are the main tabs you need to have apart from the traditional ABOUT US, HOME and CONTACT US?

I would always recommend having a Testimonials tab among others to build your credibility, but we will discuss tabs in a greater detail later in this book.

Your audience will define the best approach to Contact us tab. Will you want your potential clients to call you, to fill out the contact us box or request a call back?


Who are my competitors? What is their online presence? What can I learn from my competitors? What can I do better?

By understanding and being able to define your clients, your products or services, how are you better than competitors, you will have a clearer marketing strategy. It will be much easier to define the strategy either for yourself or working with a digital marketing company that will be helping you to get your business online.

Don’t forget to record everything during your research process – best do it straight into the Word OR Notepad document, so that if you need, you can email it to the web design company straight away.

The more information you have on all of the above, the better prepared you will be when launching your business online.


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Jurgita Glodenyte


Jurgita Glodenyte

Jurgita Glodenyte is an online/digital & social media marketer, manager, strategist, consultant, trainer and public speaker. Her goal is to give companies she works with the tools to make them successful in a technology based economy. Jurgita has written a few books on digital marketing & social media.
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