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Web Design & Development is a crucial part of every business Digital Marketing Strategy

Every business needs a great website.

More and more of your potential clients, before buying from your business, would find you online and see what kind of online presence you’ve got. We are all consumers. We have often heard a comment “Oh no! They don’t even have a website!” – this business will lose a large number of their potential clients. So, it is essential to have a website.

What is a good website?

Most business owners love their own business and the idea of owning it. They want a website that looks beautiful and talks a lot about “Who we are”, “About us” etc….

What consumers are looking for is different – they want to know how that business will change their lives, how it will benefit them.

Web design and development should all be about your consumers and their needs.

At GoCreate Marketing we understand the power of having an efficient and effective website. It does not need to be award-winning, but has to bring you business.


Here are the 8 REASONS why your business absolutely MUST have a website:


In March 2010 BIA/Keslay published research stated that 97% of online consumers use online media when researching products and services. Even if the purchase is later made offline.
THAT WAS 2010. Do you think it has changed? Has this number increased or decreased?
What does it mean for you – the business owner?

That your online presence matters! It’s shocking that 32% of Irish business do not have a web presence of any kind.  Is your business – among those 32%?
Are you missing out on this massive trend?


As small business usually has fewer employees, the efficiency is the key to growing your business and profitability.
A website is an automated way for you to tell to your target market who you are and how you can help them to achieve what they are looking for – be it a product or a service.

I would like to compare your business website with your best sales person, which works for you 24/7, provides information about the products and services, answers all frequently asked questions, accepts enquiries and gives free advice.


The website will improve your competitive advantage. Have a look what your competition is doing. Do they have a web presence?
To win in business today you have to be different from your competitors, you have to better than them. Website like nothing else will communicate this message to your potential clients at a very early stage – research stage.


If you have a website, you have an advantage, because you can reach clients outside your geographical area, even worldwide.


Depending on your overall online marketing activities, your website can reach more potential clients, than any other advertising will. And if you advertise somewhere else, the best is to direct your potential clients to your website!
The cost is usually lower than printing brochures or advertising in a newspaper or Yellow pages.


In comparison to traditional marketing techniques, online marketing helps your reach a much better targeted audiences. It’s also easier to track the conversion of all your online marketing activities.


There are a few ways to do it. I will only mention 2 simplest ones. Allow your potential customers to contact you online on their terms – by filling out the contact request form or giving something away for free.


If you are small business, having a website will give more visibility to your business. Have your contact details, your emails (that is not a Gmail or Hotmail, but branded business email).

By displaying the testimonials of your existing clients you will improve your credibility.


If you haven’t done so – watch the video above. It will give you much better insights into WHY every business must have a website.

If you are ready to get a presence online, we would love to work with you. Contact us today by filling out a contact us form on our website; email us: hello@gocreatemarketing.com or give us a call: +353 1 210 1900 or +353 87 78 30230



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