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As the popularity of social bookmarking sites are increasing, people are turning towards them to be used for as a platform for backlinks and now many use social bookmarking services to get their backlinks in the bookmarking sites. The usage of social bookmarking sites for SEO is something that many are now using, as there are many social bookmarking SEO benefits and people want to capitalize on those benefits to draw traffic into their websites. The increase in popularity of social book marking sites is largely due to the way they work and how they have now become similar to search engines for people to find a website with the content that they are looking for.

Advantages of using social bookmarking sites

  • Increase in traffic – When you post in the social bookmarking site you are giving people the opportunity to read your post and then people can vote on them. If you provide quality content, then people will vote in appositive way making the post popular and thereby increasing traffic to the site.
  • Increase in visibility – As the post gets popular, you will be more often than not placed in the top page when tags related to your content are searched for by users and this increases visibility.
  • Increase in branding – The more people see your post and you website, you will be able to build on branding and that will only help in increasing the popularity of your webpage
  • Getting links – One of the social bookmarking SEO benefits is that it can help you to convert the huge volumes of traffic that they receive into potential traffic for your website and with proper planning, you can increase your traffic manifold.

Using social bookmarking services provider

Most marketers are aware of the benefits of social bookmarking in SEO and therefore they will want to use these sites for backlinks. However, social bookmarking sites can be very sensitive at times as it gives the users the option to vote on the posts. If you get many low votes, your post will not be displayed anywhere in the first few pages of the search result. Therefore careful planning is needed to ensure that the posts get good votes and you r post is prominently displayed in the sites. For that, you can opt for the social bookmarking service provider, as they will have the necessary expertise and the knowhow on how to plan a strategy for social bookmarking sites.

Benefits of using social bookmarking service provider

If you use social bookmarking service provider, then you will be able to make the most of the social bookmarking SEO benefits and will save time, as the service provider will get the work done for you. These social bookmarking services have options where you can submit the post to a selected set of bookmarking sites or to all of the sites that the service provider have in their database. This gives you the opportunity to avoid posting in sites that are very low in PR Ratings and can have a negative effect on your page rankings.

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Jurgita Glodenyte

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