TOP 10 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Website Success in 2013 – PART 2


This is Part 2 of the blog post, for Part 1 CLICK HERE!


6. TOP 10 Best WordPress Plugins – BackupBuddy for WordPress (Premium)

Are you hacker paranoid? This is the best backup plugin for your WordPress blog or website. It offers full back up and data base backup. Instead of doing the cPanel backup works you can do it right away inside your website dashboard.


What does it mean to you? Even if you’re not that techie type of person you can make your website safe and backup simple and easy.


The prevention is always better than the cure, so backup your content now with BackupBuddy!


7. TOP 10 Best WordPress Plugins – Security NINJA (Premium)

Within minutes it performs 27+ security checks including brute-force attacks.


Check your blog for any security vulnerability, take preventive measures against attacks, don’t let script kiddies hack your site and prevent 0-day exploit attack.


With increasing number of hacking of WordPress blogs in recent times, this is a great security WordPress plugin for your blogs and website. It is better to spend a little than to lose everything you have worked for months or even years.



8. TOP 10 Best WordPress Plugins – Disqus (Free)

This plugin replaces your WordPress comment system with comments hosted and powered by Disqus.


This plugin helps comments to be indexed by search engines with support for importing existing comments. The fact about WordPress comments is that they make your website slow to load and some of the comments may contain scripts that some hackers use to get inside your website.


This WordPress plugin increases exposure by email notification, RSS subscription, Social media mention and SPAM filtering.



9. TOP 10 Best WordPress Plugins – WP Hello Bar (Free)

With this beautiful plugin you can direct your visitors and promote your blog’s or website’s most important content.


Useful for capturing leads, promoting blog posts, selling products, email optins, sign ups etc. This plugin is highly customizable for look and feel, messages and styles. You can analyze clicks, and add RSS and Twitter feeds for social promotion in many unique ways.


This plugin is gaining huge popularity among WordPress bloggers due to its features and benefits.



10. TOP 10 Best WordPress Plugins – Pricing table (Free)

Pricing Table is the best plugin to generate pricing table in a simple way for your WordPress blog.


Using a simple short-code you can embed this beautiful and professional looking pricing table on pages and posts.


With plenty of customization option, this WordPress plugin is best suitable for product sales on your blog. Best plugin for ecommerce website and surprisingly – it’s free!


From the abovementioned WordPress plugins, these are what I considered the “MUST HAVE” on your WordPress based website or WordPress blog. While there might be countless available plugins that are available out there, one thing to remember – only download or buy WordPress plugins from trusted sites.


Hope this was useful and should you need a great website, CONTACT US now. We will be glad to help!


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Jurgita Glodenyte

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