The Right Way To Harness Sales Through Social Media As A Small Business

Social media is a huge part of today’s internet use. Kings of social media like Facebook and Twitter have over 1 billion and more than 500 million users respectively. With these kinds of numbers to them, obviously they represent some absolutely huge markets for your small business.


However, selling through social media isn’t exactly like selling through search engine positioning, website content or conventional online advertising. The nature of the landscape is different and because of this the best tactics for garnering sales are also somewhat different. Manner businesses opt to outsource their sales with companies like Acquirent in Evanston, IL. and Sales Focus INC. but if you’d really like to learn how to properly attack sales through social media you should continue reading.


With that, let’s take you through some guidelines that will help you take maximum advantage of social media for your sales needs and in the right way.



First thing’s First: Proper Social Media Communication Basics

As a fundamental basis to all your socially based selling, you need to understand that the vast fabric of most modern social networks is mainly about communication and conversation. In other words, interest building and advertising delivery have to be as organic as possible whenever possible. You can’t just push advertising at people because the landscape in which they’re moving makes them much less likely to be patient with that kind of stuff.


Now, you could use social media to promote classical context targeted ads similar to those found with Google and its Adwords program but the main focus of your social sales promotion should ideally be of the non-paying kind. Besides, if it’s straight up web advertising you’re looking for, Adwords is generally considered to be superior in terms of conversion rates.


Operating on social networking platforms, you should take as much advantage as possible of their organic distribution heavy nature to create a campaign that generates sales for you without costing a fortune in straightforward advertising costs.


Here, we need to focus on social promotion of the ad payment free kind.



Focus on the Right Social Networks

Not all social networks are created equal for every type of business and you shouldn’t necessarily join them all or even too many. Every social media based selling campaign demands a lot of effort, hard work and dedicated attention, so you really need to pick the one you think fits your target demographic or customer base most firmly, unless you have limitless time and limitless staff for every major social network.


Pick your main social networks based on what you’re selling, to whom you’re selling and how you’re selling (service of product).



Generate Interest in your Brand Organically

Like we said above, don’t just push your product at your social media followers -it’s not classical advertising—instead build their interest in what you’re all about organically. Make sure you use your social platforms to offer up interesting information such as tips, advice or how-to relating to your business niche. You could also post funny or informative videos and possibly even run contests with prized to offer the winners. In between all of these things, you will be promoting yourself in a sort of secondary manner, as a natural result of your trust building efforts.


Again, in social media, you need to gain willing followers who are giving you permission to saturate their own social platform accounts with your updates; because of this, they will demand that you impress and charm them somehow, not just flood them with ads and boring, pushy marketing material.



Social Media Selling is about Engagement

In your social media sales campaign, you need to engage your customers directly through interaction, meaning that you show them an interest in what they’re saying, talk to them, offer them answers and deal with their questions in a personalized manner (within time limits). You need to do this kind of stuff for two reasons. First of all, because it builds trust in the people you’re dealing with and makes them find out more about both your brand and your knowledge of your niche; in turn making them more likely to buy from you.


Secondly, by regularly interacting with your social media followers in an authoritative way, particularly by answering their questions with solid solutions that involve your product or services in a natural way, you are creating potential sales leads whose trust you have earned by solving their problems and showing that you are concerned about their needs and desires.



Summary of an Ideal Social Media Selling Plan

As a bottom line of your entire social networking experience, focus on creating a loyal base of fans and existing customers, and do this using the above methods in the early days of your social campaigns. After that, instead of just hungrily fishing for new clients, focus on cultivating trust and interest in this loyal follower base; let them do your promoting for new followers through their friends and acquaintances instead.


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Jurgita Glodenyte


Jurgita Glodenyte

Jurgita Glodenyte is an online/digital & social media marketer, manager, strategist, consultant, trainer and public speaker. Her goal is to give companies she works with the tools to make them successful in a technology based economy. Jurgita has written a few books on digital marketing & social media.
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