How to Effectively Use Social Media to Save Money on Office Supplies For Your Small Business

save money with social media

Every small business owner wants to find the very best ways to save the most money on the supplies that he or she needs to effectively run his or her organisation. Everything from ink and toner for printers, copying machines, and fax machines, to paper and other miscellaneous supplies

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Promote Your Flooring Company on Social Media Using the Following Four Tips

social media for flooring companiesSometimes a business owner just needs a little bit of extra assistance in coming up with a marketing plan that will boost brand recognition and sales. When it comes to social media these days, some businesses also need help figuring out how to use these types of websites to generate more traffic to their official websites and turn that traffic into new customers as well.

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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website From Your Facebook Page

Facebook marketing

Drive More Traffic to Your Website From Your Facebook Page

If you aren’t already, participating in social media needs to play an important role in your online marketing efforts. Facebook is one of the top social media sites and has a reach that is truly global and comprehensive. This makes it worthwhile to take the time to create a strategy for driving your Facebook

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Facebook Ads – Killer Tips and Tricks for Facebook Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is the fastest way to improve your rankings and increase visibility of your website. I am sure most of small business owners runs ads on Google or Bing, but did you ever consider running campaigns on Facebook? Facebook ads can be very lucrative way if you do it right.


Facebook marketing is a great way to promote your small business and engage your potential clients even more. However, Facebook fan page is not the only way to promote your company

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Hot Tips For Starting Your Personal Brand

twitter on a smartphonePersonal branding has taken on a whole new meaning over the last decade as the Internet and social media platforms have allowed individuals to market themselves online. Personal branding once meant having a headshot and some business cards, but today it has evolved into personal websites and a strong social media presence. There are many industries in which focusing on personal branding is beneficial, but personal branding is most commonly used by entrepreneurs and freelance or contract-based business owners.

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How to Implement a Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn That Gets Results

linkedin marketing unlockedLinkedIn provides businesses of all types with several marketing opportunities. If you wish to use this professional networking site to promote your business you’ll need to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that’s consistent.

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Social Media Marketing – Ten Tips for Building Your Brand on Pinterest

Creative Pinboard

Pinterest takes a slightly different form than other social media websites. It describes itself as a ‘virtual pin board’ and its focus on images makes it a much more visual website. Your profile is an individual pin board where you can pin pictures to share with your friends.

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Five Reasons to Get Your Business on Facebook

Facebook is one of those websites that many businesses initially didn’t trust and with good reasons. The site was largely about things other than business and it served more as a distraction than anything else. All these years later, however, Facebook is a must-have if you own a business big or small. The reach of Facebook alone is good enough reason

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The Right Way To Harness Sales Through Social Media As A Small Business

Social media is a huge part of today’s internet use. Kings of social media like Facebook and Twitter have over 1 billion and more than 500 million users respectively. With these kinds of numbers to them, obviously they represent some absolutely huge markets for your small business.


However, selling through social media isn’t exactly like selling through search engine positioning, website content or

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Top 5 Online Branding Ideas For Professional Service Firms

There are some really terrific ways professional services such as dental practices can brand their businesses. These branding ideas are a far cry from what other types of businesses use as what works for a hair salon or a pizzeria would not work for a dental practice or another type of professional service. Today, customers and patients are demanding that the professional services they use are educated and well-informed. This means any professional service which expects to succeed must work hard to increase the visibility of their brand. Here are five good ways to brand your professional service firm.

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