Driving Traffic to Your Small Business Website

traffic to websiteIs the Internet the best thing that’s ever happened to small business owners? Given its ability to help tiny shops and craftsmen compete with giant, international corporations we’d have to answer that question in the affirmative.

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How To Use Social Media For Market Research

If you’re looking to step into a career in market research, you’ll need to be up to date with the newest tricks and techniques. As with most industries, social media is becoming a common factor in market research, and it’s inspiring a slew of new techniques. You should know about them.


Social media caters for billions of people around the world, all voluntarily contributing

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Why Small Businesses Need To Make Time For Marketing

It may seem as if there is so much going on within your business that you hardly have time for everything. Inevitably, especially if you are trying to do everything yourself, something’s will fall by the wayside and not get the attention they deserve. This is why it is important to prioritize and come up with an effective time management system that will allow you time to focus on what matters, even delegating certain activities to others and outsourcing can make your life a little easier. Of all the tasks you have to lend time to, marketing is definitely one of the most important.

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