The SEO Game – 5 Simple Steps to Winning Search Engine Optimization Game


SEO search engine optimizationThe SEO game that looks so complicated to most businesses that have websites in reality is very simple.


The main SEO rules are these:

  1. To have a relevant content on your web pages with a few keywords in the content.

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Three Online Reputation Management Tips for Non-Profit Organizations

Running a non-profit organization can be quite similar to running a for-profit company. Both non-profit and for-profit companies seek to increase revenues and minimize expenses, but they differ in one very important way: their approach to marketing.  

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SEO: Why Is It So Important?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

is an essential part of the online marketing.

If you are the owner of a website, then you may have heard of the term SEO. Quite simply, without SEO on your website it is largely pointless in you having it in the first place, but why is it actually so important?

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How To Build A Good Image For Your Company Without Spending Too Much Money

The success of your company will depend on the image that you build for your company. Your company image can easily affect your product sales and it can either make people to trust your company or not. But, building a good image for your company may take too much money to spend in the process. Here are some tips to build a good image for your company

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5 Internet Marketing Trends That Will Continue to Affect Small Business Post 2013

Digital Internet marketing

These past couple of years have been crazy for every small business in the world. The next five to ten years are going to be even crazier. In the past businesses could expect results if they invested a certain amount of money in things like paid search advertising, SEO, and PPC. The overall cost per click advertisements were cheap and you just needed

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Local SEO Tips For Multiple Locations

seo - search engine optimizationEight things to do today to get all your locations noticed in search.

Hundreds of multi-location business owners find it difficult to navigate the complex world of SEO. Seeing any kind of pay-off at all takes time, and it’s time you probably feel like you don’t have a lot of.

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How to Create a Killer Link Building Campaign For a Less Exciting Industry

It’s an age old dilemma for those who work in marketing- how to market and ultimately sell a less than exciting product. Some products are necessary and yet not really so interesting to a consumer, and many marketers attempt to overcome this by simply “sexing it up” and artificially attaching a sexual element to the product, usually by depicting the product next to an attractive, scantily clad model or celebrity. What was once thought of as a comprehensive, even exhaustive marketing effort really doesn’t cut it in the age of the internet.

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Three Steps To A Better SEO Proposal

So you want to sell a potential client on your fabulous Internet Marketing services? Perhaps a potential client has contacted you and asked for a proposal on how you might increase their SEO rankings? It all boils down to writing an SEO proposal that is, quite frankly, the bomb diggity.


What exactly does a superb SEO proposal entail?

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SEO – 5 SEO Myths You Can’t Listen to if You Want to Succeed


SEo - Search Engine OptimizationDo you think you’re taking the right approach to building your business at the moment? You have probably read hundreds of SEO articles and most of the stuff you read wasn’t exactly the stone cold truth.

It might have made you feel warm and fuzzy inside, but if it’s results you’re after you need to know how success is really achieved. We’re going to look at a few myths you might have come across

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SEO – Six Ways to Improve Your On-Page SEO

On-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the information that people read when they view any of your web pages, as well as the invisible HTML tags that define the structure of your web pages. In other words, all the content on your web pages and its structure. It is very important to get your on-page SEO right because if your website is optimized for both search engines and users, ranking well in search engines will be a lot easier already. Here are some tips on how to improve your on-page SEO:

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