The SEO Game – 5 Simple Steps to Winning Search Engine Optimization Game


SEO search engine optimizationThe SEO game that looks so complicated to most businesses that have websites in reality is very simple.


The main SEO rules are these:

  1. To have a relevant content on your web pages with a few keywords in the content.

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Three Tips On Formatting Your SEO Proposal

When it comes to selling a potential client on your SEO services, you can’t overlook the importance of formatting your proposal. Sure, the content itself is what might actually sell the client on your company, but the organization is what will make them feel confident in the fact that you are the man (or in my case, the woman) for the job.

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How To Increase Website Traffic And Conversion

If you are a small business owner, a professional or an estate agent, a website can provide a huge boost to your business. When you talk about a profitable website, there are two important factors involved. First, you need more new people to visit your site. Second, you need visitors to turn into your customers. Both these objectives are not mutually exclusive. You can adapt simple processes to increase your website traffic and conversion.

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