DIY Search Engine Optimization? Are You Crazy???

seo - search engine optimizationKeeping up with the seemingly constant changes to the “rules” for search engine optimization is like trying to keep up with a greased piglet; just when you think you’ve got in firmly in your grasp, it slips away and is two steps ahead of you again. For website owners, business professionals, and executive staff members who are responsible for ensuring that websites are up and running, functioning properly, and optimized correctly,

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How Social Media Monitoring Can Help You to Reach More Customers and Manage Your Reputation

Most companies are using social media monitoring for various reasons. First of all, since social media is becoming an integral part of today’s technology, it is only reasonable to think that social media can affect your business to a certain extent. Second, companies can use social media to market their products and services to a wider audience.

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Web Development – Five Tips for Picking a Great Domain Name

So you’re about to start a website for your brand new (or existing) business, so what are the first steps you have to take? Why registering a domain name for your website of course! However, this isn’t always as easily said as done. Doing all the right things with your website is crucial to ensuring that your small business succeeds in our rapidly growing online-based commerce hub. So what can you do to make sure your domain sticks out from the pack? Read on to find out.

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SEO – 5 SEO Myths You Can’t Listen to if You Want to Succeed


SEo - Search Engine OptimizationDo you think you’re taking the right approach to building your business at the moment? You have probably read hundreds of SEO articles and most of the stuff you read wasn’t exactly the stone cold truth.

It might have made you feel warm and fuzzy inside, but if it’s results you’re after you need to know how success is really achieved. We’re going to look at a few myths you might have come across

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SEO – Five Ways To Get Your Site Quickly Indexed By Google

How do you get your website discovered by Google bot? How can you get your site indexed quickly?


Google’s accuracy is a result of its effective indexing, therefore you want Google to do this to your site. In order to get your site indexed quickly, you need Google to crawl your site regularly. By updating content and using effective Google tools, your site has a better chance of being indexed promptly. Because new content on the web is discovered through sitemaps and links, it is important to know how to effectively make use of the resources

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5 Ways To Maximize Your Local SEO

Maximizing your local SEO is one viable way to drive business to your store. Because 75% of search engine visitors do not look past the first page of search results, it is only practical for any local business that they are ranked ahead of their competitors on Google. Thus, maximizing your website placement leads to higher traffic to your site. However, the search engine king has implemented changes to its search algorithms. These days, the focus is apparently on providing results based on the location of the business and of the search engine user. Therefore, utmost importance must be given to

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SEO – How Should You Measure Your SEO Conversions?

Generally, any SEO campaign’s ultimate goal is increasing search conversions, that is, the number of prospects visiting your site from search and deciding to take the next step. Whether a conversion for you means a sale, a newsletter sign up, a page view or a friendly comment left by a visitor, increasing conversions is what you are after. Therefore, there’s no point in setting up an SEO campaign if you don’t know how to measure the impact your campaign has on your search conversions. Setting up a system for measuring your SEO conversions is a tricky but vital part of any SEO campaign.

Let’s have a look at how to go about this.


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SEO – Backlinks To Make Your Website Immune To Google Updates

SEO search engine optimizationWith Google regularly updating their secret ranking algorithms, it’s a constant and ongoing battle to keep any website ranking well. Many websites are seeing huge fluctuations in search engine rankings, and some even seem to have been delisted. But if you read between the lines, it becomes clear that all of these changes have a single goal in mind: placing quality content above all else.

Unfortunately, it’s not yet possible for Google to evaluate the quality of a website just by looking at it, so they rely heavily on backlinks to help them out. As a result, the best strategy to update-proof your website

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Why Is A Little SEO Better Than None At All?

There are some articles floating around the internet that suggest it is better not to do any sort of SEO work if you’re not going ‘all out’ with your campaign.

However, that is only true if you’re unsure about SEO to the extent that anything you’re doing could be construed as ‘bad’ SEO.One certainty is that businesses in all industries ought to be invested in SEO in some way. Of course, investment is what SEO is all about.

SEOYou either need to invest your time to do it yourself, or your money to allow an SEO agency to carry out the work on your behalf.

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The SEO Checklist For 2013

SEO Search Engine OptimizationWho hasn’t heard a thing or two about the SEO world? The truth is that there is so much information about search engine optimization, that you should have spent the last 10 years living under a rock in order not to know anything about SEO. The problem, however, is that the SEO world is expanding on a regular basis, and there are more and more new things to learn in this regard with each passing day. It is easy to get lost in all the rules that you have to follow in order to optimize your website properly.

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