Driving Traffic to Your Small Business Website

traffic to websiteIs the Internet the best thing that’s ever happened to small business owners? Given its ability to help tiny shops and craftsmen compete with giant, international corporations we’d have to answer that question in the affirmative.

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Digital Marketing for Businesses – Digital Marketing Trends You Must Embrace

Digital marketing for businessBloggers normally write “trend” posts annually but with the haste of change in this kind of business, maybe this needs to be done every six months. As we move into the next half of 2013, there are some digital trends that appear to be following the utmost right now. Below are some of the 7 digital marketing trend that one needs to embrace.

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5 Components Of A Successful Marketing Strategy

online marketing strategy

The Essential Components of A successful Marketing Strategy

Before venturing into any business it is advisable to come up with a good marketing strategy. This will give you a direction because it covers every single aspect of all the business activities you will carry out. The problem with most people who venture into business world get intimidated wondering

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