Three Online Reputation Management Tips for Non-Profit Organizations

Running a non-profit organization can be quite similar to running a for-profit company. Both non-profit and for-profit companies seek to increase revenues and minimize expenses, but they differ in one very important way: their approach to marketing.  

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Marketing Your Online Business | A Dummies Guide

If you have started an online business, you may be wondering how to draw more customers to your site. You need to find effective ways to help them discover your business as well as encourage them to take advantage of your services. Here are a few tips that will help you attract shoppers so that your online business is profitable.

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Social Media Marketing – Integrating Social Media into Your Marketing Mix

Social media marketing‘Conversation’ marketing and social media transform brands in a manner that no other communication method previously has, because it adjusts the fundamental nature of the customer / brand relationship.

However, ‘conversation’ marketing and social media are not efficient vehicles. It is difficult to attain a complete strategy just based on ‘conversation’ marketing when you are developing relationships with clients on a small group or an individualized basis.

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