How to Create a Killer Link Building Campaign For a Less Exciting Industry

It’s an age old dilemma for those who work in marketing- how to market and ultimately sell a less than exciting product. Some products are necessary and yet not really so interesting to a consumer, and many marketers attempt to overcome this by simply “sexing it up” and artificially attaching a sexual element to the product, usually by depicting the product next to an attractive, scantily clad model or celebrity. What was once thought of as a comprehensive, even exhaustive marketing effort really doesn’t cut it in the age of the internet.

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SEO – a Guide to Search Engine Optimization

8 recomendaciones para mejorar el SEO de tu sitio web

Search engine optimization is a relatively new phenomenon but it is certainly gaining popularity and rising to prominence. The fundamental point of it is to bring a company website to the top two or three pages of a Google search. As a company, established or new, coming high on a search engine results page is of vital importance for success and profitability.

This is the job of optimizers, they work hard and have specific ways to interpret the Google algorithm

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SEO – Backlinks To Make Your Website Immune To Google Updates

SEO search engine optimizationWith Google regularly updating their secret ranking algorithms, it’s a constant and ongoing battle to keep any website ranking well. Many websites are seeing huge fluctuations in search engine rankings, and some even seem to have been delisted. But if you read between the lines, it becomes clear that all of these changes have a single goal in mind: placing quality content above all else.

Unfortunately, it’s not yet possible for Google to evaluate the quality of a website just by looking at it, so they rely heavily on backlinks to help them out. As a result, the best strategy to update-proof your website

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Why Is A Little SEO Better Than None At All?

There are some articles floating around the internet that suggest it is better not to do any sort of SEO work if you’re not going ‘all out’ with your campaign.

However, that is only true if you’re unsure about SEO to the extent that anything you’re doing could be construed as ‘bad’ SEO.One certainty is that businesses in all industries ought to be invested in SEO in some way. Of course, investment is what SEO is all about.

SEOYou either need to invest your time to do it yourself, or your money to allow an SEO agency to carry out the work on your behalf.

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Your ‘One Year Later’ SEO Strategy Checklist

SEO Search Engine OptimizationWhen undertaking any SEO campaign, you’re always going to be checking your key performance metrics, but at the same time, you know that SEO takes weeks and months to show real results.  Therefore, it is best to set some landmarks at which point you can measure your SEO performance and see what you’ve achieved with your SEO campaign.

Your SEO Goals

The central goal of any SEO campaign is to increase revenues.

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