Facebook Marketing – Businesses Rejoice As Facebook Lifts Timeline Image Restr


Changes for the better

Facebook has recently reduced the number of restrictions that were formerly placed on the images that businesses could use as timeline covers on their profile pages, making it easier for many businesses to tell their stories, advertise their products and services, and engage with their fans and followers through simple imagery.

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How To Protect Yourself On Facebook

FacebookSome people are very lax with their social media use. Researchers are convinced that some people are actually addicted to Facebook, and they end up putting every little thing on there, even the things that people don’t want to know (statuses about going to the bathroom or the great ice cream they just had). Anyway, did you know that giving out too much information can actually be very bad for your safety.

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TOP Facebook Marketing Tips – What are The Measurements of Facebook Timeline Cover, Profile Picture, App Thumbnail and Post Picture

Want to know the sizes and measurements of Facebook pictures?

You already know that Facebook timeline introduced some new terminology for images and their sizes have some (sometimes very strict) rules.



We highly recommend to use images in the posts, so it’s good to know their exact size too.

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TOP Facebook Marketing Tips – Do You Have a Personal Profile?


If you want to start marketing your business through Facebook, don’t forget that Facebook is a friendly place, where people connect with people.


First – if you are not on Facebook, you will never understand what is going on there and how your business can benefit from being on Facebook.

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New Facebook Timeline, Subscribe and Latest Changes – How You Can Take an Advantage of Them


Lots of us were frustrated when Facebook changes were announced. Seems like not long ago we got used to the new profile look and feel and… Again! Some of those changes might be confusing, some might not be noticed just yet, but most of them are beneficial, especially for those in business. If you use the features to the fullest extent, you can use them in your favour.

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