Reasons Why Facebook is Rejecting Your Ads

why facebook ad rejectedIt is common for Facebook ads to be rejected, and in some cases, the reason for rejection will be obvious. However, in some cases, everything might look correct, yet Facebook will reject the ad. In such situations, it is important to sit back and analyze the reason for the rejection and to avoid any despair.

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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website From Your Facebook Page

Facebook marketing

Drive More Traffic to Your Website From Your Facebook Page

If you aren’t already, participating in social media needs to play an important role in your online marketing efforts. Facebook is one of the top social media sites and has a reach that is truly global and comprehensive. This makes it worthwhile to take the time to create a strategy for driving your Facebook

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Facebook Ads – Killer Tips and Tricks for Facebook Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is the fastest way to improve your rankings and increase visibility of your website. I am sure most of small business owners runs ads on Google or Bing, but did you ever consider running campaigns on Facebook? Facebook ads can be very lucrative way if you do it right.


Facebook marketing is a great way to promote your small business and engage your potential clients even more. However, Facebook fan page is not the only way to promote your company

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Five Reasons to Get Your Business on Facebook

Facebook is one of those websites that many businesses initially didn’t trust and with good reasons. The site was largely about things other than business and it served more as a distraction than anything else. All these years later, however, Facebook is a must-have if you own a business big or small. The reach of Facebook alone is good enough reason

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Facebook Marketing – Businesses Rejoice As Facebook Lifts Timeline Image Restr


Changes for the better

Facebook has recently reduced the number of restrictions that were formerly placed on the images that businesses could use as timeline covers on their profile pages, making it easier for many businesses to tell their stories, advertise their products and services, and engage with their fans and followers through simple imagery.

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Facebook For Business – How To Complement Your Offline Marketing Strategies

Visibility is the name of the game when doing business in the 21st century. To achieve it, your business needs to have a full range of marketing activities, both online and offline. Methods like advertising in print and broadcast media, using pop up stands at exhibitions, doing interviews, attending industry events and the like are still important. However, consumer behaviour is shifting, which means you need to complement

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Facebook Marketing – Allowing Followers to Your Personal Facebook

Facebook marketingIf you use Facebook for business and marketing, it may not have occurred to you that you can also use your personal account for some marketing/promotional purposes if you do it correctly. While Facebook doesn’t allow outright advertising on personal accounts, you can use your personal account to talk about your own business, share posts from your fanpage and more.

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Ways To Leverage Your Company’s Presence On Facebook

Facebook fans likesSadly most companies believe that all the need is a Facebook page and they will immediately have more sales.  What they don’t understand fully is that it takes time and patience to get a strong presence on Facebook.  If you have a business Facebook page and are getting discouraged because you aren’t garnering the immediate results you need, you may not have given it enough time.  There are some things that can be done in order to get your presence more known in the Facebook community.

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How To Protect Yourself On Facebook

FacebookSome people are very lax with their social media use. Researchers are convinced that some people are actually addicted to Facebook, and they end up putting every little thing on there, even the things that people don’t want to know (statuses about going to the bathroom or the great ice cream they just had). Anyway, did you know that giving out too much information can actually be very bad for your safety.

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Social Media Marketing TIPS: Facebook EdgeRank

Facebook EdgeRankIn Facebook marketing ENGAGEMENT is a word to remember. You might not be aware that only an average of 16% of your posts gets seen by your fans. Why? The answer is EDGERANK.


EdgeRank is Facebook’s algorithm to control which posts appear on the individual’s news feed. In a nutshell – the more a user interacts with your posts, the more

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