How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website From Your Facebook Page

Facebook marketing

Drive More Traffic to Your Website From Your Facebook Page

If you aren’t already, participating in social media needs to play an important role in your online marketing efforts. Facebook is one of the top social media sites and has a reach that is truly global and comprehensive. This makes it worthwhile to take the time to create a strategy for driving your Facebook

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Facebook Marketing – Businesses Rejoice As Facebook Lifts Timeline Image Restr


Changes for the better

Facebook has recently reduced the number of restrictions that were formerly placed on the images that businesses could use as timeline covers on their profile pages, making it easier for many businesses to tell their stories, advertise their products and services, and engage with their fans and followers through simple imagery.

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Social Media Marketing TIPS: Facebook EdgeRank

Facebook EdgeRankIn Facebook marketing ENGAGEMENT is a word to remember. You might not be aware that only an average of 16% of your posts gets seen by your fans. Why? The answer is EDGERANK.


EdgeRank is Facebook’s algorithm to control which posts appear on the individual’s news feed. In a nutshell – the more a user interacts with your posts, the more

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Social Media Marketing TIPS: Photos in Facebook Posts

Social Media Marketing TipsWhen it comes to some effective Social media marketing tips, adding photos to your posts on Facebook – is an effective way to catch attention and get your followers to engage.


Studies show that photos draw more Facebook interactions than videos, text and links. It’s no wonder because it occupies more space than other posts in the Facebook’s news feed!

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