Social Media Marketing TIPS: Facebook EdgeRank

Facebook EdgeRankIn Facebook marketing ENGAGEMENT is a word to remember. You might not be aware that only an average of 16% of your posts gets seen by your fans. Why? The answer is EDGERANK.


EdgeRank is Facebook’s algorithm to control which posts appear on the individual’s news feed. In a nutshell – the more a user interacts with your posts, the more

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New Facebook Timeline, Subscribe and Latest Changes – How You Can Take an Advantage of Them


Lots of us were frustrated when Facebook changes were announced. Seems like not long ago we got used to the new profile look and feel and… Again! Some of those changes might be confusing, some might not be noticed just yet, but most of them are beneficial, especially for those in business. If you use the features to the fullest extent, you can use them in your favour.

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Facebook’s EdgeRank Algorithm – What is it & How Does it Affect Your Facebook Business Page?

Facebook is all about its engagement and interaction, and Facebook works hard to measure this interaction to give the best user experience. In order to analyse the information posted on Facebook, the site has developed an algorithm that is applied to each piece of content that is on Facebook. This algorithm is called Facebook EdgeRank.

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