Facebook For Business – How To Complement Your Offline Marketing Strategies

Visibility is the name of the game when doing business in the 21st century. To achieve it, your business needs to have a full range of marketing activities, both online and offline. Methods like advertising in print and broadcast media, using pop up stands at exhibitions, doing interviews, attending industry events and the like are still important. However, consumer behaviour is shifting, which means you need to complement

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Digital Marketing for Small Businesses – Survey Results in a Nutshell

Digital Marketing for Business - survey feedbackFor the last few months we were conducting a survey, where small businesses were asked a number of questions about their digital marketing and the need for knowledge.


Over 2000 businesses where exposed to the survey using a number of different means – Facebook targeted advertising, email marketing, LinkedIn and Google advertising.


We have received 411 responses – result was pleasantly surprising. As a “Thank You” to all of you who have participated, we are sharing some of the results and giving a free training – as promised.

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TOP Facebook Marketing Tips – REPLY Links Make Conversations Easier


Facebook have just introduced the Reply links and that would make a conversation easier and friendlier-looking.


Now admins of the page will be able to reply to comments and the most active conversations will stay at the top.

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Facebook Business Page – 7 Things to Consider when Managing a Facebook Page for Your Business


Facebook has been the most innovative tool for your online marketing strategies that could reach out to a huge number of potential and highly targeted clients across the globe. Create your business page and you can communicate and interact with your followers instantly while promoting your business.


But… you should know a few strategies  to make your Facebook business page a success.

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Social Media for Restaurants – Why Should Restaurants Be On Social Media?


If you are a restaurant owner looking for an avenue to reach out to a large number of people in one go, look no further, as Social Media Marketing is the perfect solution (and we have an exciting FREE OFFER) for you! Worldwide, there are over 1 billion people using social networking websites. Facebook, the social networking leader alone has a billion of these users – some of whom could become your customers if you have an attractive Facebook Business Page and a winning Facebook marketing strategy!


Social Media Marketing works

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Facebook Has Reached The 1 Billion Users Landmark. What’s NEXT?


Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, announced in October 2012, that Facebook has finally reached the iconic 1 billion landmark, and has achieved a major milestone on its way. The news were complemented with a few changes.

Critics often complained that Facebook has never been able to match up to the class of Google when it comes to a few things, including video chatting and search, but now, as it has partnered with the best in the business when it comes to video chat –  Skype; and the search graph is well on its way.

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TOP Facebook Marketing Tips – Invite Your Friends to Your Facebook Business Page


If you have a Facebook business page, I am sure you have already invited your friends to LIKE it.

If you haven’t done so – well, guess what our next line will be.



Don’t be afraid, you are not harassing them…

At the end of the day if they are your friends, they

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Social Media Marketing – Work With Us to Maximize Your Social Media Marketing ROI

Social Media Marketing – WHY? – Because your customers are there!



Every business has to be where it’s customers are.

Your business is no different.

If you haven’t embraced the Social Media yet, we recommend – you do it now. Everything is going online and people spend more and more time on Social Media. You don’t want to leave your business behind this powerful trend.

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Facebook Marketing – What is The Most Effective Way to Grow Facebook Fans on Your Facebook Business Page

What is the most effective way to grow Facebook business page followers and fans?


Facebook has matured and it is getting more and more difficult to attract new followers or fans to Facebook business pages.


If you are facing the same issue, don’t get too upset, you are not the only one.


Every day our clients ask us: “How do I attract more fans?”


And to be honest, there isn’t right or wrong answer here. There are many ways and different strategies for different types of business and different audiences must be used, BUT there is one thing that works for every business every time

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TOP Facebook Marketing Tips – Do You Have a Personal Profile?


If you want to start marketing your business through Facebook, don’t forget that Facebook is a friendly place, where people connect with people.


First – if you are not on Facebook, you will never understand what is going on there and how your business can benefit from being on Facebook.

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