SEO – How Should You Measure Your SEO Conversions?

Generally, any SEO campaign’s ultimate goal is increasing search conversions, that is, the number of prospects visiting your site from search and deciding to take the next step. Whether a conversion for you means a sale, a newsletter sign up, a page view or a friendly comment left by a visitor, increasing conversions is what you are after. Therefore, there’s no point in setting up an SEO campaign if you don’t know how to measure the impact your campaign has on your search conversions. Setting up a system for measuring your SEO conversions is a tricky but vital part of any SEO campaign.

Let’s have a look at how to go about this.


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Conversion Optimization For Dental Offices: Five Practices You Should Know

Anybody with a background in SEO knows that perhaps the most difficult aspect of the job is getting potential customers to convert. When it comes to dental offices that process can be even more difficult, because you’re lost in a swarm of almost identical dental office websites. How do you stick out from the crowd and draw those visitors from Google to schedule an appointment with your office? We’ve got some tips to help your turn those landing page bounces into conversions.

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