Three Steps To A Better SEO Proposal

So you want to sell a potential client on your fabulous Internet Marketing services? Perhaps a potential client has contacted you and asked for a proposal on how you might increase their SEO rankings? It all boils down to writing an SEO proposal that is, quite frankly, the bomb diggity.


What exactly does a superb SEO proposal entail?

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Web Development – Five Tips for Picking a Great Domain Name

So you’re about to start a website for your brand new (or existing) business, so what are the first steps you have to take? Why registering a domain name for your website of course! However, this isn’t always as easily said as done. Doing all the right things with your website is crucial to ensuring that your small business succeeds in our rapidly growing online-based commerce hub. So what can you do to make sure your domain sticks out from the pack? Read on to find out.

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Conversion Optimization For Dental Offices: Five Practices You Should Know

Anybody with a background in SEO knows that perhaps the most difficult aspect of the job is getting potential customers to convert. When it comes to dental offices that process can be even more difficult, because you’re lost in a swarm of almost identical dental office websites. How do you stick out from the crowd and draw those visitors from Google to schedule an appointment with your office? We’ve got some tips to help your turn those landing page bounces into conversions.

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