Hot Tips For Starting Your Personal Brand

twitter on a smartphonePersonal branding has taken on a whole new meaning over the last decade as the Internet and social media platforms have allowed individuals to market themselves online. Personal branding once meant having a headshot and some business cards, but today it has evolved into personal websites and a strong social media presence. There are many industries in which focusing on personal branding is beneficial, but personal branding is most commonly used by entrepreneurs and freelance or contract-based business owners.

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How To Build A Good Image For Your Company Without Spending Too Much Money

The success of your company will depend on the image that you build for your company. Your company image can easily affect your product sales and it can either make people to trust your company or not. But, building a good image for your company may take too much money to spend in the process. Here are some tips to build a good image for your company

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Inbound Killed the Outbound Star: Why Search and PPC Have Destroyed Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing

The Internet is quickly becoming a place that isn’t very friendly towards intrusive advertising techniques. After all, time on the Internet, as well as time in general, is a precious commodity these days. Traditional “outbound” marketing techniques are the kind of thing that people won’t put up with anymore. New technologies like advanced search algorithms and the PPC model are just some of the reasons why Inbound marketing is eliminating the old model.

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