Social Media Marketing – Ten Tips for Building Your Brand on Pinterest

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Pinterest takes a slightly different form than other social media websites. It describes itself as a ‘virtual pin board’ and its focus on images makes it a much more visual website. Your profile is an individual pin board where you can pin pictures to share with your friends.

Customising your board will make it exclusive to your business and is fantastic advertising for your brand. Although Pinterest is fairly new, it has a huge amount of traffic and people are signing up daily.


Here are TEN TIPS on how you can use Pinterest to successfully brand your business:


1. Pin everything!

You are not restricted to one pin board so don’t focus solely on your business’s products and services. Make the most of the available cyberspace and make boards for every aspect of your business and industry. You can also optimise the pins on your board by adding keywords and hashtags into the descriptions.


2. Be creative

Make your business information visually interesting by getting creative. You can share statistics, include photos, create infographics and data charts to add colour and make it engaging, and create videos. The homepage on Pinterest has a tab just for videos so it can be another category for you to be visible in. You can use these as mini adverts for your business and they will add another dimension to your board.


3. Mix it up

Try creating a theme and post relevant content daily. Constantly upgrading your profile in this way keeps you on trend and continually exposes your brand within the market. It also maintains a high level of interest as your customers will keep returning to see what’s new.


4. Meet new people

Networking on the site will make you new friends. Building up a network of friends will develop your brand and attract new customers to your business. You can increase your activity and exposure by posting on popular Pinterest users boards. Looking at what your friends and followers are doing will give you a useful insight into your target audience.



5. People power

A very effective branding technique is to ask your customers to pin up a picture of themselves with your product or using your service. Getting your Pinterest fans directly involved in adding to your boards like this is an excellent feature for your profile. These visual recommendations show your business to be the best at what it does. You can invite your followers to actively contribute to your boards by using the ‘Me + Contributor’ feature.  This also gets you in front of their followers.


6. Reveal your inner workings

Your friends on Pinterest are interested in your business and its services and products. Showing them what you do and how you do it lets them look ‘behind the scenes’ and allows them to gain a better understanding of your business. Boards that have useful content in this way are the most popular across the website.

The Big Egg Hunt, London


7. Interact

Start discussions by posting questions on your board. Interacting with your fans in this way will provide you with honest feedback and opinions. You could award the best answer or comment with a discount coupon for a product or service. You should encourage commenting and actively converse with your followers through comments and pins.


8. ‘Pin It’

Install the ‘pin it’ button on your website so that visitors can pin your page just by clicking the button. This will direct traffic back to your main business website, increasing its exposure. The button can be downloaded from the ‘Goodies’ page on your Pinterest profile.


9. Diversify

Searching niche categories is how people find boards on Pinterest. The more categories you appear in the easier it will be for people to find you. Diversify your business to as many categories as possible that are relevant to your business. This will ensure that you show up in the maximum number of searches.


10. Brand benevolence

Pinterest is not the site for pure self promotion. Blatant sales pitches are frowned upon on most social media platforms.  Impress users instead with your interactivity, personality, appealing visuals and quality content.  Having said that, Pinterest is one of the more ‘business-friendly’ social media sites, and it is completely acceptable to pin images of your products occasionally. You can also drive interested users back to your website where you do promote your products and services.  Pinterest is driving amazing amounts of traffic to some businesses.


As Pinterest is characterized by visual images and videos, make sure you have high quality photos.  Pinterest is still very much dominated by females – more than 70% of its users are women – although the site and its markets are constantly developing. The most popular trends still include fashion, interior design, homewares, accessories, crafts and recipes.


85% of brand engagement is coming from users rather than the brands themselves, as users share the content they most value.  (Source: Wishpond)


So, if your business matches the demographic, Pinterest could be the best social media website to give your small business the type of brand exposure which was previously only affordable for big brands.


What do you think?  Is Pinterest a fit for your business?  What types of content will you pin to boost your brand?  Tell me in the ‘comments’ section below


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Jurgita Glodenyte

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