SEO Tips For Launching A Successful Weight Loss Blog

weight loss bloggingCreating a blog and increasing your online visibility are no small feat, especially if you aren’t sure how to maintain a relevant blog. Fortunately for you, there are a few topics which are popular and guaranteed to be in style – among them, weight loss.


Did you know weight loss is one of the most popular online searches?  It’s true.  “Weight loss” comes in right behind “online dating” and “how to make money online.”  That means the niche has some serious earning potential.


But how do you – a suave business person with a flair for blog-writing – stand out among the sea of competitors? Here are some tips to making your website memorable.


Create a Unique Design

Aside from your domain, the website design is actually the first thing potential customers will notice about your service. From amid the sea of other weight loss websites out there, you have draw your customer’s eye to yours. How do you draw attention to your site?


Make sure it looks professional, eye-catching, and user-friendly. If your potential clients cannot even navigate your home menu then your efforts will have been in vain.


Before even designing your website be sure to think about what your overall goal is. Who’s your target demographic? As you answer questions like this, remember that the color of your website design can leave a large impact on your clients.

  • The color green in your design imparts a sense of life, naturalness, and health.
  • The color blue provides a sense of patience, loyalty, security, and trustworthiness.
  • Purple designs induce a sense of calm, wisdom, and sophistication.
  • Black gives your website power, a sleek design, elegance, and an aura of mystery.


Think About Your Domain Name

You’re trying to offer a service to the internet community, but you don’t want to come across too pushy or like you’re some sort of too-good-to-be-true offer.  To that end, make sure you put some thought into what your web address will be. You don’t want to include a domain that sounds suspicious to your potential customers, or they’ll skim right past your site. You need to have a domain that offers information and insight into your service provided without raising too many eyebrows.


For example, is too much SEO.  Likewise, is too much of a sales pitch. On the other hand, a straightforward, no-nonsense approach might be best. is obviously about b12 injections.  However, the domain name isn’t trying to sell B12 injections to you or search engines.


Be a Person

One of the biggest challenges in the website weight loss industry is the lack of credible sources. Because of this lack of trust between clients and sites, visitors are often suspicious, guarded, and cautious. In order to win their trust, you have to convince your guests that you are honest and forthright.


Instead of using a generic brand name, use your real name. Being yourself lets people know that you’re a person like them, and they can put a real person behind what they see. Gaining the trust of clients is important, especially in a business as personal as weight loss.


Be sure to involve yourself in the community too. Being a part of the weight loss community in general  by contributing to forums and becoming a trusted source of information can create a sense of authority on your part. This, in turn, can give you something to link back on your site.


Be Multi-Talented

Since the weight loss sector is broad indeed, it will help your SEO if you can provide information on more than one particular skill set or topic. Some options to consider including:

  • Coupons and giveaways
  • Advice and tips
  • Product reviews
  • Weight loss education
  • Industry news

Putting in a little bit of extra effort can make the difference between being just another weight loss focused website and the website willing to go the extra mile to help your visitors and offer insight.


Present Important Content

This one should be a no-brainer, right? Provide content relevant to your visitors, and they’ll visit you. Where this is tricky is that you have to put out some amount of creative effort. Visitors to your site don’t want to read the same thing they read at the three other sites they visited today. They want something new, and most importantly they want something accurate.


Embrace SEO Wisely

Even if you write the most original content in the world, no one will find it if you don’t employ SEO.  Some bloggers loath SEO, and they operate under a theory of, “if you build it, they will come.”  While that might work for one in a million bloggers, the rest of us need to put in a little extra effort.


If you choose to operate in a competitive niche – which, weight loss is – you need to get creative with your SEO techniques.  Here is one way to do it.  Use long-tail keywords.


While considering your keywords make sure to figure out if you want to use head terms (concise keywords like “weight loss”) or long-tail keywords (like “B12 injections for weight loss”).


Head terms are often used by the most successful sites.  They have the abundant resources available to engage in the SEO efforts that will get them to the top.  You, on the other hand, don’t have the money (yet!) to compete with the big dogs – so don’t try!  You’ll waste a lot of money and rarely be successful.

If you wanted more convincing, the majority of searchers use long-tail keywords anyway!


Provide an Opportunity for Feedback

As you create your new website, be sure to provide your visitors with a chance to give feedback. Enabling comments in your blog provides you with the thoughts of your visitors so that you can adjust a part of your website that may not be meeting your expectations. If your numbers are a little low, be sure to ask for family and friend involvement. Have them help spread the word!


Having a weight loss website can be lucrative and beneficial to the community. With a little bit of effort on your part, managing the SEO for your new website can provide you with traffic and plenty of potential for profit.

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