SEO Tips for a Taxi Business

SEO tips

If you have your own taxi business then it is important that you establish a strong online presence for your business. The most essential thing is to set up a good quality website and join social media platforms with your business.


Once you have done this it is really important to utilise SEO in order to maximise your exposure and guarantee potential customers can easily find you.


Use Relevant Keywords

The key to a good SEO is all about coming up with the right keywords for your website and then using them in a smart way. The best way to use keywords is to try and think what your customers would be searching for and then add these word combinations to your website.


Of course you cannot make it seem like you have just dropped the keywords around the website but you need to make sure they are used naturally. It is a good idea to add a blog as part of your website and write about relevant topics to your taxi business.


Another important part of correct use of keywords is to localise your keywords. So for instance, instead of using keywords like “reliable taxi company” go with “reliable taxi company in London”. It is also true that long-tail keywords are better in conversing visitors to real customers.


Sign Up With Online Listings

As well as using SEO on your website it is also important that your taxi business is using online listings as part of its marketing strategy. Online listings are systems like Google Places and it is essential that you sign up to as many listings as possible.


When you are signing up with listings the most important thing is that you add a lot of detailed information and also make use of SEO in your listing profiles. The more information you add the higher your search engine ranking is going to be. Make sure you also sign up with smartphone listings since most people who are in a need of a taxi search it with their smartphones.


Team Up With Other Businesses

It is also a good thing to team up with other businesses and include their links on your website. Linking to other sources is a good way of improving your search engine ranking and can make sure that people find your website even if they aren’t necessarily looking for a taxi company at that moment.


For instance, teaming up with companies providing taxi insurance is a great way of letting your customers know you have all the paperwork done and that you are a reputable company. XYZ Insurance is one of the companies you could link to or you could also mention local hotels and destinations on your website.


Outbound linking is a really important part of successful SEO and it is a good idea to find a few companies that are willing to team up with you. If you get them to link to your website it is going to improve your search engine ranking even more.

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Jurgita Glodenyte


Jurgita Glodenyte

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