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SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and is the most important part of the overall online marketing for your website.

SEO is usually done once the website is built. We at GoCreate Marketing provide this service for  both the websites that we built ourselves and for the ones built by other Web Design & Development companies.

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Most business owners think as follows: “My website is ready. Now all potential clients will easily find it.”

No. It’s far from the truth. Now you have to make it easy to find.

How? – By doing a Search Engine Optimization – optimising your website to be easily found on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – is the way of affecting the visibility of a web page or the whole website in a search engines “natural” (also called “organic” or un-paid) search results.


Hundreds or even thousands of your potential clients are looking for your services every day.

It is important to ensure that when someone is looking for your services or products, your website appears on the first page on Google or other search engines, so that potential clients contact you and not your competitors.

In this example we have searched for  “Social Media Marketing Seminars” – a service that is very competitive. As you can see there are over 38 million search results, but our website – is on page 1 – the very first search result.

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With hundreds of the websites out there it is getting more and more challenging to show up high in search engine results, therefore a good Search Engine Optimization is a must.

The more often page appears high on the search engine results, the more visitors it will receive from their users. More visitors equal more potential clients and that equals more leads and eventually more customers.


Get your website optimized well and your marketing costs will be so much lower.

We will help you achieve better organic search engine rankings by providing a better content and good off-site linking structure.


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