Reasons Why Facebook is Rejecting Your Ads

why facebook ad rejectedIt is common for Facebook ads to be rejected, and in some cases, the reason for rejection will be obvious. However, in some cases, everything might look correct, yet Facebook will reject the ad. In such situations, it is important to sit back and analyze the reason for the rejection and to avoid any despair. If you want your ad to be accepted, ensure that you ALWAYS follow the rules and regulations set by Facebook for their ads. This will help to keep you account in good standing thereby reducing the chances of your ads being rejected by Google. Here are a few reasons why your Facebook Ad may be rejected.

Facebook ad rejection – common reasons

  1. If you have inappropriately targeted your audience, there is every chance that Facebook will reject your Ads. If you were spending money on your Ad campaign, you would want to ensure that it reaches out to the intended audience.
  2. Do not capitalize all words in the Ad. This will often lead to rejection of the Ad. This rejection is on the basis that excessive capitalization will give you an unfair advantage over other competitors.
  3. Be wary of the grammar and language used in the Ads. Improper grammar or unacceptable language in the Ads will result in rejection of the Ads. Avoid language that is profane, derogatory, sexual or degrading.
  4. Have complete sentences in your Ads. This will help to provide a professional look to the Ads. Ensure that you pay attention to the sentence structure, punctuation, grammar and spelling. This will help to get your Ad approved and help in attracting audience.
  5. URL Destination has to be within the guidelines set by Facebook. Avoid diverting traffic to power point presentations, word documents or PDF documents. This will hurt your Ad and your account. Ensure that the URL destinations do not fake close behavior or are pop ups.
  6. If the images used in your Ads are irrelevant to your Ad, there is a greater possibility of your Ad being rejected. The images that you use in your Facebook Ad have to be clean and relevant. Facebook does not entertain images that are used in the Ads only to provide a shock value.
  7. If the information provided in your Ad is incorrect, your Ad will be rejected. Ensure that the Ads will clearly display your product, company name or any offers. If the above are not adhered to, the chances of rejection are higher.
  8. Displaying discounts or offers that are deemed deceptive. If you Ads display an offer or discount, the users should find it in the landing page. If the offer or discount in the landing page is not identical to the AD, there is every possibility that Facebook will reject your Ad. This can also lead to suspension of your account, as Facebook have known to show zero tolerance to tricksters.

The reasons that have been discussed above are some of the common reasons we have noticed while Facebook Ads are rejected. Learn from every rejection and ensure that you will adhere to the rules and policies set by Facebook for their advertising service.

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Jurgita Glodenyte


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