Most Popular Viral Videos in 2012 [Videos]

The viral marketing is something we all in business aim for…

Let’s have a look at three extremely popular videos on Youtube in 2012.






Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen

Over 36 million views and counting.

One girl posted an update on Facebook – The 15 year old was not happy about the things she needed to do at home after school. That upset (to say the least) her father and he recorded a video response. The end of this video – father fires 9 bullets into his daughter’s laptop.

I do not recommend that as a way of parenting, but it certainly attracted a good bit of attention.




Golden Eagle Snatches The Kid

Video was seen by over 41 million people…

Accidentally recorded video how an eagle tries to snatch a child, playing in a field. Luckily the load was too heavy and we can only guess what could have happened if the eagle succeeded…




PSY Gangnam Style

The most popular Youtube video of all times.

1,111,174,374 views at a time I am creating this blog post.

That’s every 6’th person on this planet…

What attracts people so much to this video? Unique moves, catchy music…

To be honest, even I was affected by it. A dancer since my early childhood, I simply could not master some simply looking steps.

Lets have a look again 🙂




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Jurgita Glodenyte


Jurgita Glodenyte

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