How To Use Social Media For Market Research

If you’re looking to step into a career in market research, you’ll need to be up to date with the newest tricks and techniques. As with most industries, social media is becoming a common factor in market research, and it’s inspiring a slew of new techniques. You should know about them.


Social media caters for billions of people around the world, all voluntarily contributing information. It’s a gold mine. All you have to do is tap into it and you’ll be on the top of the pile when compiling a resume for your next market research job.

Here’s some inspiration.


Watch Trends

Trending topics are a great way to capture the zeitgeist, and social media presents trends constantly as a stream. There’s no better way to tap into the psyche of an audience of thousands.
On Twitter, trends are really easy to pick out: the site even compiles a top ten for you, and you can customise it based on location. On Facebook and Google+, you can use hashtags to perform further research on trending topics. Because it’s live, and it’s social, it’ll never go out of date.


Interact With Real People

social media interraction

Social media is a two-way street, and any brand worth its salt figured that out a long time ago. Social network users don’t take kindly to being spoken to; they want to converse, discuss and feed back. In any market research job, you can use this to your advantage.
Use social media to ask an audience what they think of a brand. Use it as a tool for unofficial research, or make your study more formal. But above all, don’t be afraid to approach people. Most of the time, customers are all too willing to tell you what they did or didn’t like about an experience – and social media makes it quick and easy.


Learn From Your Followers

Over time, you’ll build up a following on social media, and you’ll get better at investigating followings built up by other brands. This is a golden opportunity to figure out what makes your customers tick. Even more importantly, you can easily see what customers like about rival brands too.
Silently note how people converse about a brand, what ticks them off and what excites them. Note any key conversations and be sure to address important issues in your own updates later.


Learn From Your Peers

Market research doesn’t just have to be about customers. You can use social media to peek into the trends and techniques that your competitors are using, and that will help you innovate during your next research job.
Remember: a social media page may look fantastic, and it may have tons of followers, but the real measure of its success is brand engagement.

The Benefits of Social Media

Market research jobs are so much easier when real data is easily accessible, and social media lays out all of that important data on a plate. Any market research professional should harness social media as an efficient, low-cost way to research, interact and learn.

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Jurgita Glodenyte


Jurgita Glodenyte

Jurgita Glodenyte is an online/digital & social media marketer, manager, strategist, consultant, trainer and public speaker. Her goal is to give companies she works with the tools to make them successful in a technology based economy. Jurgita has written a few books on digital marketing & social media.
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