How To Entice Customers To Interact On Your Site

blogging for businessWebsite visitors today want to be more involved than ever before in what businesses are up to. They want to be able to comment and interact with you, the website manager, as well as other customers, and they want their voices to be heard. In this age of social media when everyone has a soapbox to stand on, it’s more important than ever to encourage customers to regularly visit your site, leave comments and get actively involved in the discussions, and keep coming back for more.

Encouraging these customers and website visitors to actually interact, though, can be surprisingly difficult, despite how much people love to express themselves online. If you’re finding it hard to get people to become more active on your website, continue reading for some tips on how you can do so more effectively.

Have People Comment on Your Blogs

One of the most popular, and easiest, ways to get customers to interact on your website is to encourage them to post comments to all of your blog posts. Blogs can draw in new customers if you have been implementing SEO into each post, and you want even the newest members of your little community to express themselves. This really gives them a voice when it comes to blog posts concerning the future of your company or feedback for current products you are offering, as a couple of examples. But it is not enough to simply put a comment box at the bottom of the screen. You have to outright state in each and every post that you would love to hear their opinions on the topic. Ending the blog post with a question is another great way to get people to speak up.

Let Customers Post Reviews

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Whether you offer products or services, you can have customers post reviews right to your website. Like blog comments, you can moderate them so that not every single comment or review is posted until you’re able to give it approval. Moderation also eliminates spam. But letting customers post reviews about the things you offer is a great way for them to help you promote your goods and services if you’re getting positive reviews, and it’s a great way to tweak the way you’re doing things if you’re seeing negative feedback.

Add Links to Your Social Media Pages

Social Media marketing

If you cannot get customers to interact directly on your website, you can always rely on tried and true social media instead. Have your website designer customize your social media pages and then also create custom links to these sites that can be placed throughout your official website. People can click on the links and “like,” “follow,” or otherwise connect with you on every social media page you have, where they can further be encouraged to voice their opinions.

Getting customers to interact on your website allows you to gauge how many people you’re reaching who are actively involved in what you’re posting rather than ignoring it. With so many strategies to entice people to speak up, your website can become an online community quickly.

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