Facebook Marketing – Businesses Rejoice As Facebook Lifts Timeline Image Restr


Changes for the better

Facebook has recently reduced the number of restrictions that were formerly placed on the images that businesses could use as timeline covers on their profile pages, making it easier for many businesses to tell their stories, advertise their products and services, and engage with their fans and followers through simple imagery.

Whereas in the past things like contact details, prices and promotional information, calls to action, and the encouragement of likes and shares were taboo, all of these and more are now allowed, giving businesses nearly unlimited possibilities when it comes to the kinds of things that they can discuss and display on their timeline covers.


Video: Facebook Text Rule Timeline Cover Checker

One restriction remains, and that is a rule stating that the text on a timeline cover image cannot take up more than 20% of the total visible image space. This shouldn’t be too difficult for most brands, so this is more of a guideline to keep in mind than something to worry about. Businesses can avoid trouble from this rule by using small but clear and well-contrasting type that stands out from the background of the image. This will help users get the information they need without have to worry about violating any of Facebook’s rules or guidelines.


What this means for your brand


These changes and the opportunities that will come from there are definitely something that brands should take advantage of. Regardless of the size of your business your brand should be able to make use of the increased freedom given to business users in regards to their timeline cover images in order to bring in more traffic and create more activity and social signals surrounding your brand.


Businesses can now:

  • Add Promo codes and other special offers and discount information
  • Encourage engagement through conversation (via text in the image)
  • Openly advertise a product or service
  • Direct users to go to a certain place or perform a certain action
  • Add contact information for their company including URLs, phone numbers, and physical addresses
  • Promote contests, themed banners, etc for engagement purposes


Essentially where there were once very restrictive rules in place that determined how businesses on Facebook could create and display their timeline cover images, there are now a great many freedoms. Businesses can now take their timeline cover images and use them for a variety of marketing purposes that were previously unavailable to them this way.


Your takeaway


With these changes, Facebook is ushering in a new type of business timeline cover image. It will be interesting to see just how businesses react, and how many stay within the 20% text guideline. Some businesses will likely go overboard, but hopefully this is kept to a minimum so that Facebook is not prompted to reinstate their earlier restrictions.


As with all things that could be beneficial for marketing purposes, it’s likely that this new technique will soon be abused and a favorite past-time of this businesses that are only interested in rankings and attention.  For all things social marketing check out RankPop.com


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