Facebook Business Page – 7 Things to Consider when Managing a Facebook Page for Your Business


Facebook has been the most innovative tool for your online marketing strategies that could reach out to a huge number of potential and highly targeted clients across the globe. Create your business page and you can communicate and interact with your followers instantly while promoting your business.


But… you should know a few strategies  to make your Facebook business page a success. Below are seven tips for  a professional Facebook Page:


  1. The first thing that the public sees on your page is your cover picture at the top. It should not be taken for granted. Make it clear and catchy so more people would want to connect with your page and “like” it.
  2. Make a good impression about your business by making a professional landing “welcome” page. Aside from the page’s “Wall”, you can actually send your fans to a page specifically designed to promote what you have to offer or to build a lasting impression on new and existing fans.
  3. Updating your posts regularly is very crucial to your page’s existence. Try posting at least once a day and of course, respond to fans’ comments, questions, and interactions. Your fans will love you if you engage with them on a personal level.
  4. The posts that mostly catch your fans’ attention and engagement are the posts with images and photos. Make good use of it! It may create a viral effect with “share” function!
  5. You know it – engagement is the key! Without interacting with your fans, your page is good as nothing. Increase your page’s popularity and visibility by letting them know that you care what they think and that they are appreciated.
  6. Like and be liked! It’s as simple as that. Exchange likes with related Facebook Pages and the number of your fans will increase.
  7. Organizing events? Don’t forget Facebook… Make an event of your upcoming activities and invite your fans. This will get your fans interested. The key is to make your fans updated in all that is happening – on your Facebook page.



Of course it takes time and consistency if you do this yourself. But if you decide to get help, hiring a Social Media Management company could help your page build a strong foundation and save you lots of time and energy. Creating a community of similar interests by managing your social media effectively will reap rewards for your business in the future.


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Jurgita Glodenyte


Jurgita Glodenyte

Jurgita Glodenyte is an online/digital & social media marketer, manager, strategist, consultant, trainer and public speaker. Her goal is to give companies she works with the tools to make them successful in a technology based economy. Jurgita has written a few books on digital marketing & social media.
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