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If you have ever asked yourself – should your business start selling online, you are not alone.

And we think you already know the answer by now – it’s a YES.

In that case we have an amazing special offer for you!

In late 2012 we have launched Ireland first innovative Online Shopping Centre http://ShoppingCentre.ie.

It is e-commerce at it’s best, with added benefits of SEO and online marketing – done for you for less than €2 a day.

Here are the 15 main benefits of selling on first Irish innovative online shopping centre:

  1. Low setup cost – can replace a website and become your online presence
  2. Quick and very easy to setup
  3. You can reach potential customers locally and globally
  4. Your store is open 24/7
  5. We give an opportunity to give discounts – discount vouchers are emailed automatically
  6. Monthly newsletters possibility
  7. Reduce your overheads – no rent, rates, utilities, staff costs
  8. Less work for you as our system is fully automated
  9. We will administer your store and do the marketing
  10. We will take care of SEO
  11. We will take care of your store maintenance and upgrades
  12. We will help you to setup an easy and trustworthy online payment system that costs you nothing unless you sell
  13. Stock management is included, so you will never sell more than you have
  14. We will do Social Media Marketing and add your Facebook & Twitter accounts to your page
  15. You will benefit from visitors to other stores – be found by clients who never knew about you.


Visit our Online ShoppingCentre NOW and start selling today.

Why Your business needs an E-Commerce solution.

People are getting busier with everyone year and more and more of them are shopping online. It is more convenient and usually cheaper, especially if to take into account the time saved and used for something else instead. There are numerous benefits for the consumer to shop online. But what about the business..?

Here are 5 main reasons why e-commerce is the next thing you should look into, when talking about your online presence.


Footfall is down. Clickfall is up!

It’s bad news for retail businesses in Ireland quarter to quarter for last 3 years. But more and more people are buying online.


Your marketplace is worldwide

You can now aim globally – sell to consumers worldwide.


Take payments automatically and extend your business hours – 24/7

This one does not need explaining, does it?


Reduce your overheads

It’s not a secret that staff costs are enormous and at the same time it’s very difficult to find good team members. Sell online and reduce your overheads.


Automate your business

Selling online automates your business almost 90%.


Contact us today. Those who act first – always win!



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