DIY Search Engine Optimization? Are You Crazy???

seo - search engine optimizationKeeping up with the seemingly constant changes to the “rules” for search engine optimization is like trying to keep up with a greased piglet; just when you think you’ve got in firmly in your grasp, it slips away and is two steps ahead of you again. For website owners, business professionals, and executive staff members who are responsible for ensuring that websites are up and running, functioning properly, and optimized correctly, those duties are likely not part of your primary position. This also means that you are possibly in the dark with regard to much of what is going on in the world of SEO.


Rather than continuing to make stabs at getting it right (and wondering whether or not you are), it’s time to turn your search engine optimization tasks over to someone who does handle everything SEO as their primary occupational focus. This does not mean that you are not doing all you can to make sure your online presence is streamlined, but that presence can encompass many different things like:

  • websites
  • landing pages
  • social media channels
  • blogs
  • off-page advertisements
  • inbound links
  • affiliate links
  • pay-per-click ads

What it does mean, however, is that you really don’t need to be spending most of your time worrying about those things (and much more) when you should be concentrating on what you do best for your company – taking care of the job you were originally selected to do.


Is DIY SEO effective?

Do-it-yourself SEO can be effective if that’s your only responsibility each day, but it isn’t something that should be tacked on to the end of an employee’s job description. With a company’s online success, exposure, and popularity riding on how well you are utilizing available Internet channels to increase brand, product, and service visibility, it’s a task that needs to be a singular priority rather than an afterthought.


How can you make sure your SEO is done right?

There are a few options available if you want to make sure your SEO is done right. You can hire an in-house staff to handle the details, outsource to a search engine optimization company, purchase the services of an SEO reseller, or even acquire a freelance or contract specialist. Depending on your company’s budget and the size of your online presence, choosing an SEO agency would likely be an ideal arrangement.


What does an SEO agency do?

SEO agencies specialize in search engine optimization for businesses. That’s all they do, and they do it all day long. Unlike employees of your own who may have been given those tasks as an addition to their regular duties, those who work for an SEO agency possess a thorough and detailed knowledge of industry guidelines and requirements, search engine algorithm rules and preferences, and tactics and techniques that have proven to be successful.


Other things that SEO agencies can do is provide you with regular analysis and monitoring of the performance of all your online channels. For example, if an inbound link is under-performing, they can let you know and help you determine if it should be removed or revamped. They are skilled in keyword research, backlink acquisition, landing page optimization, and content creation, just to name a few of their abilities.


There are too many variables in the world of SEO, and it changes too frequently, for you to be able to keep up with the constant flux and still devote yourself fully to your regular duties. A search engine optimization company (I’ve worked with eBrandz in the past, so that is who I would recommend) can work closely with you to provide the online presence you desire in a way that is effective, productive, and profitable.



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Jurgita Glodenyte


Jurgita Glodenyte

Jurgita Glodenyte is an online/digital & social media marketer, manager, strategist, consultant, trainer and public speaker. Her goal is to give companies she works with the tools to make them successful in a technology based economy. Jurgita has written a few books on digital marketing & social media.
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