Online Trading Vouchers. Does Your Small Business Need €2500?

Online Trading Vouchers DublinNew Year, new grants. Government continues funding the Online Trading Voucher Scheme and small businesses will be able to apply for a grant of up to €2500 to improve their online trading. Deadlines are approaching in some Local Enterprise Offices, so don’t miss out this time!!! Read this and take your business to the next level!

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Website for Your Business. Do You Need a Research?

create a websiteIf you decided to get a website for your business, congratulations! You absolutely need it.

The next step though is to do a

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Domain Name Tools to Find Great Domains You Probably do not Know

As you search for a domain name, especially more than one, chances are it is a very cumbersome process with little motivation. However, with the right domain tools you can find great domains you would not have access to in normal circumstances. There are a number of tools you can use to help you find the best domains.  

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Why it is Important to Register Your Preferred Domain Names

register domains

The registration of your preferred domain names is possible through the right registration service; in fact, you have a wealth of options for registering domain names. For instance, you may make a singular purchase or choose to participate in bulk name registration. If you require these services it’s good to review the all the offerings of the domain registrar to determine

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How to Create a Mobile-Friendly Website Without Stress

Everyone likes mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate mobile websites, but no one likes to keep late hours coding and testing. Luckily, there’s a way to bypass the technicalities associated with optimizing your website for mobiles, which is using one of the popular website builders. Just make sure the web service you choose offers this option, sign up and get a mobile-friendly website in a matter of minutes.

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Website Design and Development – How To Create The Ideal Website

Web development

We live firmly in the internet age and there are certain aspects of a company website that need to be spot on in order to secure the client base needed for long term success. There are so many different companies out there, many of them having an online presence, yet only a handful have the recognition online they need to make their venture a long term success.

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WordPress Users Urged To Act Now To Protect Websites

WordPress users are being urged to follow key steps to ensure their websites and blogs are as secure as possible. Given that WordPress powers 17% of the world’s websites – or an astounding 64 million – threats from botnets to infiltrate the web giant could cause massive problems for the world over.


The most recent spate of attacks were carried out by a remarkably powerful botnet – a network of hijacked

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How to Choose Colors for Your Website

When it comes to developing a website that users will be attracted to and will want to spend a lot of time on, you have to think about every last detail during the design process, from the layout to the specific pages within your site, the information contained within the pages, and the actual colours that you plan on utilizing throughout the site as well.

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Web Design and Development – Increasing Your Website’s Accessibility

Although there are millions of websites out there, there are many that are not accessible. That is, they are not able to be experienced by those having physical challenges. The goal for any website, according to the experts, should be accessibility regardless of the visitor’s level of experience or disability. When a website is accessible, all users have equal access not only to the information of a website, but to its functions as well.

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Web Development – Five Tips for Picking a Great Domain Name

So you’re about to start a website for your brand new (or existing) business, so what are the first steps you have to take? Why registering a domain name for your website of course! However, this isn’t always as easily said as done. Doing all the right things with your website is crucial to ensuring that your small business succeeds in our rapidly growing online-based commerce hub. So what can you do to make sure your domain sticks out from the pack? Read on to find out.

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