How to Implement a Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn That Gets Results

linkedin marketing unlockedLinkedIn provides businesses of all types with several marketing opportunities. If you wish to use this professional networking site to promote your business you’ll need to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that’s consistent.

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Social Media Marketing – 5 Ways You’re Hurting Your Brand Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a fantastic marketing platform for you and your brand. Whilst it was almost exclusively a place for recruiters and job hunters to connect at one time, it’s now a place for anyone and everyone running a professional operation. LinkedIn is like any other social media platform. If you say the wrong things and target the wrong people your brand is only going to get hurt.

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LinkedIn and Its “Follow” function – How a Business Can Benefit From It?


In an age where social networking organisations like Facebook and Twitter have created a buzz among millions of people worldwide, LinkedIn keeps carving a niche of its own. It has not taken the path that several other networking sites have followed, and so it hasn’t lost to the industry leaders: Facebook and Twitter. Instead, it has targeted business people and professionals, interested in and willing to create a professional relationship; and has achieved tremendous success in its endeavours.


As is the case with every successful application, there is a continuous

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LinkedIn Reaches 200 Million Members and Announces Most Viewed Profiles


At the beginning of January 2013 LinkedIn has announced an important milestone: 200 million members using their site. It’s not only their achievement. It is achievement of members, who have this great opportunity to use largest Social Network for professionals.

LinkedIn is my second most favourite Social Media network (after Facebook of course), although I must say when

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LinkedIn Endorsements and How to Benefit From Them – 3 Quick & Easy Tips


If you are on LinkedIn you most likely have already noticed a new feature – endorsements.

It’s too early to yet tell the benefit of it, but one thing is common on Social Media – those who take advantage of new features at an early stage, always win.

So, how to win with endorsements?

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