Four Tips For a Successful SEO Website Design

Apart from keeping aesthetics in focus, one challenging aspect of making a successful website design is to ensure that it is also optimized for search engines. And with Google making sure that websites are actually relevant to their niche and are not at all spammy, keeping the balance between aesthetics, ease of use and great content quality is getting more difficult. So if you are in the process of building your website and you want to leave enough room for on-page optimization,

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How to Create a Killer Link Building Campaign For a Less Exciting Industry

It’s an age old dilemma for those who work in marketing- how to market and ultimately sell a less than exciting product. Some products are necessary and yet not really so interesting to a consumer, and many marketers attempt to overcome this by simply “sexing it up” and artificially attaching a sexual element to the product, usually by depicting the product next to an attractive, scantily clad model or celebrity. What was once thought of as a comprehensive, even exhaustive marketing effort really doesn’t cut it in the age of the internet.

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Three Steps To A Better SEO Proposal

So you want to sell a potential client on your fabulous Internet Marketing services? Perhaps a potential client has contacted you and asked for a proposal on how you might increase their SEO rankings? It all boils down to writing an SEO proposal that is, quite frankly, the bomb diggity.


What exactly does a superb SEO proposal entail?

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Three Tips On Formatting Your SEO Proposal

When it comes to selling a potential client on your SEO services, you can’t overlook the importance of formatting your proposal. Sure, the content itself is what might actually sell the client on your company, but the organization is what will make them feel confident in the fact that you are the man (or in my case, the woman) for the job.

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