Online Trading Vouchers. Does Your Small Business Need €2500?

Online Trading Vouchers DublinNew Year, new grants. Government continues funding the Online Trading Voucher Scheme and small businesses will be able to apply for a grant of up to €2500 to improve their online trading. Deadlines are approaching in some Local Enterprise Offices, so don’t miss out this time!!! Read this and take your business to the next level!

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Three Online Reputation Management Tips for Non-Profit Organizations

Running a non-profit organization can be quite similar to running a for-profit company. Both non-profit and for-profit companies seek to increase revenues and minimize expenses, but they differ in one very important way: their approach to marketing.  

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3 Compelling Reasons You Should be Using Video Marketing

video marketingVideo marketing seems to be all the rave these days. Internet marketing gurus constantly implore you to hop on board the video marketing train before the bandwagon fills up. Why would you create videos to spread the word about your opportunity? The medium of video creates trust like few other platforms. Imagine seeing a real, live, breathing person speaking a clear and powerful message

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How do We Use Internet Nowadays?

Internet marketing

There is no doubting the internet has changed the way we all view the world. Just think back to 15 years ago, the internet barely existed and Facebook wasn’t even in the pipeline. In the modern world, there are thousands of Facebook addicts and the internet is accessible on so many devices.


The internet has truly infiltrated almost all factions of our daily lives

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Easy Ways To Utilize Online Media For Your Business

When it comes to your small or medium sized business, being able to take advantage of online media is a key way to market your business to your most likely customers. After all, the average Internet user logs in around 13 hours a week online, and over 80% of adults use the Internet regularly,

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Hot Tips For Starting Your Personal Brand

twitter on a smartphonePersonal branding has taken on a whole new meaning over the last decade as the Internet and social media platforms have allowed individuals to market themselves online. Personal branding once meant having a headshot and some business cards, but today it has evolved into personal websites and a strong social media presence. There are many industries in which focusing on personal branding is beneficial, but personal branding is most commonly used by entrepreneurs and freelance or contract-based business owners.

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Effective Content Marketing Strategies For Lawyers

social media marketingWhen it comes to marketing their services, attorneys are caught between a rock and a hard place.

On the one hand, today’s lawyers have access to absolutely unprecedented opportunities to draw in new clients thanks to cutting edge marketing tools.

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How to Hire a Marketing Company – 4 Simple Steps

Hiring a marketing company in San Francisco can be a serious investment for you, one that requires not only money but also time. Make the wrong choice and it can have a negative impact on your brand image, online visibility and popularity, and, of course, on your sales. Don’t base your decision on a whim, or worse, on the price alone. Cheap is seldom good.

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How To Build A Good Image For Your Company Without Spending Too Much Money

The success of your company will depend on the image that you build for your company. Your company image can easily affect your product sales and it can either make people to trust your company or not. But, building a good image for your company may take too much money to spend in the process. Here are some tips to build a good image for your company

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4 Of The Dodgiest Digital Assistants

digital marketing

With an ever broadening horizon of marketing options available, businesses are readily taking advantage of proven promotional opportunities through digital marketing.

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