Social Media Marketing – Integrating Social Media into Your Marketing Mix

Social media marketing‘Conversation’ marketing and social media transform brands in a manner that no other communication method previously has, because it adjusts the fundamental nature of the customer / brand relationship.

However, ‘conversation’ marketing and social media are not efficient vehicles. It is difficult to attain a complete strategy just based on ‘conversation’ marketing when you are developing relationships with clients on a small group or an individualized basis.

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Email Marketing – How to Use Email Marketing in The Legal Services Industry

Email marketingEmail marketing has been around for as long as the Internet has been around. However, many businesses, especially law firms of all types and sizes, forget that email marketing should be a part of their online presence. This article is not meant to tell you why you need email marketing, but let’s run through some crazy statistics anyway before we have a look at some of the best practices for law firm email marketing.

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