5 Internet Marketing Trends That Will Continue to Affect Small Business Post 2013

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These past couple of years have been crazy for every small business in the world. The next five to ten years are going to be even crazier. In the past businesses could expect results if they invested a certain amount of money in things like paid search advertising, SEO, and PPC. The overall cost per click advertisements were cheap and you just needed a few links in order to rank well for important keywords. You would actually start doing pretty good business with a $500 budget each month. But like everything else this has changed and there are new challenges that have to be addressed.


There are many small yet different aspects of online marketing which has changed. Today, there are hundreds of social media networks, different SEO techniques and an array of platforms you can market to. This makes it very hard to know what is important.


SEO based on solid content

There have been some major changes in SEO these past few years. One of the biggest changes has been a dramatic drop in organic traffic from search engines. The Penguin and Panda updates pushed out by Goggle has changed the overall emphasis from just ranking high. However, Google and other leading search engines continue to emphasize the importance of being able to produce great content in the form of videos, blog posts, and slideshows which are aimed at enlightening, educating and entertaining people. All of this is made possible because search engines are becoming increasingly better at determining relevant results for every keyword. So, small businesses need to have an ongoing content strategy if they want to continue to receive search traffic.


Mobile devices

It is estimated by 2017 68% of the American population will have a smartphone. Smartphones are obviously changing the way people search for and digest information. There is a much higher demand for information and so any company that focuses on providing this information will have a good chance to grow. Small and medium size businesses have the opportunity to target clients via their sales process. For instance, when a customer has a query during their morning train ride to the office, it is your blog post that can be the first answer to this if they Google the question. So, again on mobile devices content marketing is big.


When customers are checking their email prior to going to bed, it is your email newsletter which should give them something very interesting to read and the offer of trying your new service. When any of your customers are near your office or shop they can get a text message alerting you of a deal.


Because people will be accessing the internet mainly via their phones by 2016, you need to start optimizing your marketing strategy for it right now.


Strive for a higher design and usability standards

Today, just having a business website does not cut it for many businesses, because there is a much higher importance placed on usability and design. This means that in the coming years, your website will have to be optimized for a mobile experience. Let’s not forget that people will still want fast experiences and even though networks are improving the apps need to keep up because 90% consumers will not wait for a site to load. If it’s taking too long they will simply go elsewhere, and if this happens a lot then your internet marketing strategy will eventually fail.


Video production

YouTube receives over a billion unique visitors each and every month. Today, internet users on both mobile platforms and regular computers are watching more videos than they are reading content. So, search engines like Google are giving video results much more real-estate as they used to. This means that if you want to reach your target market you’ll need to have a video strategy in place. Your internet marketing campaign needs to have video demonstrations, testimonials, reviews, and general comments. The time to take advantage of video is right now while there are still people struggling with it.

Social media audiences

All businesses need an audience. A local business depends mainly of an audience which is comprised of people who are near the business. So, a social network for a local business will work as a sort of reputation building tool until people start spreading the word the old fashioned way. However, business with no location boundaries have a better chance of leveraging the power of social networks. The first place to start is to have a profile on Twitter, Facebook and Linked in. Then start adding people who may be interested in what you have to say.

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Jurgita Glodenyte


Jurgita Glodenyte

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