Everything is Going Online! Is Your Business Ready?


Let’s face the reality:


  • Almost 3 B people in the world use internet.
  • Over 1.28 B people worldwide use Facebook.
  • Almost 1 B registered users on Twitter with 255 million active monthly users.
  • LinkedIn announced 300 million in April,2014.
  • Research tells (BIA/Kesley) that 97% of online consumers use online media, when researching products and services, even if purchase is made offline.



What does it mean to you, BUSINESS OWNER?

Does your business have an Online and Social Media presence and an effective Digital Marketing strategy..? …Or are you missing out on this massive trend?


Social media existed for a long time, but became extremely popular in the past several years. It is not going anywhere, it is here to stay! In fact, Facebook became the most visited website in US, even more than Google. It’s all good news, if your business is ahead of the game. But what – if it’s not..?


So can we ask: what have you done so far to take advantage of this trend?

  • Do you generate leads from your website?
  • Do you have a mailing list for email marketing?
  • Do you have the most important Social Media channels setup for your business?
  • Do you have an outstanding LinkedIn profile, that does your personal branding?


If you answered NO to at least one of these questions, we are here to help!

To start the conversation we will look at your digital marketing and will give you an idea on what you should do different. Book our no-obligation free consultation now!. Click HERE to proceed.


Here are a few more reasons, why you can’t ignore the power of digital marketing:

  • Almost 3B people worldwide use internet. An efficient and effective website is a must!
  • Facebook has over 2.2m Irish users, almost 36m UK users and over 1.28B users worldwide (June, 2014) and this number is constantly growing. Do you have an outstanding Facebook page?
  • Your business need to be where your customers are and your consumers are spending more and more time online!
  • Only 14% of consumers trust advertising, but 78% trust peer recommendations – and that’s what Social Media is – word of mouth advertising!
  • Connect and maintain relationship with your existing customers through social media marketing – we can show you how!
  • Get new potential customers to connect with your business and get constant updates from you through social media advertising – it’s easier than you think!
  • Stay on the top of your followers minds and when your followers need your products and services, they will buy from you!
  • Reduce your costs on traditional media advertising – online is much more effective!
  • Listen to your customers, ask them questions, get answers, improve your services and product range
  • Reduce your printing costs – advertise your vouchers, sales, discounts, special offers , all through social media marketing
  • Create high PR back links to your website (for SEO purposes)
  • “Employ” Digital Marketing and it will work for your business 24/7!
  • Reach more customers, not just locally, but also globally!
  • Reach a better target audience!
  • GENERATE LEADS! Your website and your social media must generate leads. We will show you how!

Win the competition..! Or your competitors will!


Let’s talk… We offer a FREE 30 MIN DIGITAL MARKETING REVIEW to get started. Click HERE to proceed.


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